Team Building Companion by Linkedup

by Casandra See, Lu Jia Ying, Chung Wan Ching, Rachel Kwan, Edmund Goh, Kwan Loong Wye, Aaron Sng (Singapore)


Team Building Companion (TBC) is developed based on the fact that sports and social network are both integral to many people’s lives. Created by a team that truly understands how to utilise social media, these SMU students aims to target 10,000 users in the first year. Linkedup, the company formed by this group of students is led by Cassandra, a budding entrepreneur who believes in seizing the opportunity whenever possible.

The government has been actively encouraging more people to adopt a healthy lifestyle through various initiatives and people are indeed trying to incorporate sports into their lifestyles. Similar to sports, people value social networking and it has become an important part of people’s lives nowadays.

As such, TBC aims to combine these two elements into a mobile application – connecting people who value sports and social networking. In time to come, new and exciting features will be launched for TBC and users can expect actual sports events organised just for them. What sets TBC apart from other mobile applications is the convenience it provides to the users. An exclusive partnership will allow users to organise and book facilities through TBC directly and that truly simplifies the process.

Since TBC is a mobile application and requires relatively lesser development costs, the forecasted financials show that Linkedup will not incur any debt and will have a healthy current ratio 1.62. Furthermore, with a team made up of competent individuals who specialise in their respective fields, TBC’s valuation of $179,374 has the potential to increase significantly over time, especially since the team has put together a development strategy that will extend the business beyond a mobile application.

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