by Bharath, Judy, Huilan, Mayank, Thanh, Thomas

Strictly Kids provides low and middle income parents an avenue to buy and sell quality pre-owned toys for their children. The rationale for this venture lies in the fact that the product life cycle of toys is very short since infants and children get bored of their toys very easily. Under such circumstances, parents would either keep the toys which takes up room space or throw them away, causing wastage. In light of such an issue, the company offers an avenue for parents to dispose these toys while making some money in return. Thereafter, Strictly Kids will resell these second hand items.

The target market for these products is primarily from the lower and middle income demographic, parents who are under the age of thirty-five. The toys we buy and sell will cater to infants and children between the ages of 9 months and 9 years. It is a norm for parents to want the best for their children but it is difficult to continually buy toys from branded toy stores due to the high cost.

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