Outsource Market Research

Looking for a thousand responses for a fashion survey? Need some ideas on mystery shopping? Outsource market research processes by leveraging our application. Get connected to a large pool of smartphone users who’d be willing to participate for a small fee.

Cheaper, Better & Faster

Leverage on our intuitive platform to create ‘modules’ customised to your liking i.e. including videos, images, detailed instructions to participants etc. Choose your target audience through our filters such as location-tracking & demographic profiles. Reduce costs by tapping on our existing pool of participants.

For Participants: Earn Spare Cash

A small amount will be paid out to participants upon completion off individual tasks. The payment amount depends on our corporate clients. It will range from S$2 to S$10.

Seeking SGD 80 000 in Funding

Seed funding will be used to boost our technical capabilities, marketing campaigns for customer acquisition and product development. Based on our projections, we are estimating SGD 100 000 in revenue by the end of the first year. We’re open to discussing royalties in place of equity should you choose to invest in us!

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