by Amelia Ristiyana, Albert Ng, Dennis Laurentius, Iwan Sugiarto, Marselia Tan, Michelle Chua (Singapore, Singapore)

mommyQ group in action during our final presentation

It’s been a whirlwind journey for us, taking Entrepreneurship and Business Creation under Prof Pamela Lim, where we get to realize our idea, mommyQ into a solid and sellable business plan.
mommyQ was initiated solely from the fact that we admire Prof as a super mom – up until now – and would like to cater for more inspiring super moms in Singapore. We looked at various trends of motherhood-related services and products in Singapore, and found that the online offerings for motherhood platforms lack finesse and interactivity, and decided to yield a new web-based start-up called mommyQ.
mommyQ’s vision is to provide working mothers in Singapore (middle – high income) the joy of motherhood through a personalized platform (on internet) that would give convenience and ease of access through our service offerings. We impinge on our strategic partnership with Raffles Medical Hospital, the forefront childcare provider in Singapore to provide an extension to our service offerings.
Our website offers personalization and interactivity: Mothers can upload their babies’ pictures, and each mothers can comment on each others’ babies – It’s a platform that every members of the family can peruse and even look back at years from now. Through our “Personalized Nanny” service, we offer mothers timely reminder of healthcare services that needs to be done at certain point of their babies’ live, customized to each mothers – they can also make an appointment, thanks to our strategic partnership with RMG.
We also offer mothers the chance for further localization of service, by having them ask questions to RMG doctors – To address the disarray of information available when it comes to babies products in Singapore, mothers can insert any products that they want related to their babies, and we’ll give an array of products that mothers can compare based on prices, proximity, or ratings by other mothers.
It is not easy for us to achieve success in this web-based startup: We need to achieve harmony when it comes to the operations, IT, marketing, finance, and also the overall synergy and culture of our company. We did encounter problems, a lot of it is related to our area of expertise, but we never experience before – From addressing initial reputational problems, we find ways liaise with a medical group. We also got to outsource our operations from outside, and also suppress cost by keeping our daily operations in-house. We also learn how to valuate our company, and do a coherent marketing campaign that includes creating buzz on YouTube – these are all different things, that are inter-related and necessary for the success of mommyQ.
Thank you Prof for the opportunity given – this is a chance we from mommyQ group truly cherish.

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