by Cedric Ng, Pearlicia Chan, Lo Chuan Jian, Daphne Ho, Amanda Beh, Harini

People need photographs to capture the special moments of their lives. With today’s quick pace of life, if too much time goes by between photos, these moments are lost forever. While nearly everyone has a camera for snapshots, people need professional quality photos when they will be shown to an important audience, and when people want to be seen in the best light.

The Internet has expanded the use of photos, making it possible for anyone to send them or to publish them for wide viewing. Professionals, too, often have business needs for high-quality photos, and through this familiarity, they acquire a taste for them.

Our business, Capture123, is a web portal which functions as a directory and facilitator for provision of photographic services. People seeking photographic services can access our database of registered photographers to engage their services. Photographers who are keen on taking on jobs will have an online portfolio with us that can be viewed by those who require photographic services. The mission of Capture123 is to help seekers of photographic services engage photographers that suit their budget and requirements by being able to easily access reviews and portfolios of photographers in our database. Photographers are able to showcase their capabilities and photographic skills by showcasing their digital portfolios. We thrive on repeat business and visits from seekers to photographers by developing relationships with our clients – both seekers and photographers.

Capture123 will meet the needs of professionals and average heart-landers who wish to capture special moments in their lives. It will also enable novice and seasoned photographers the opportunity to market and offer their services professionally and tastefully.

Capture123, bringing life to photography, and photography to life.

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