An Unusual Learning Experience

by Chan Jian Hong (Singapore)

Before I attended class for this module, I’ve tried several businesses before but none was really successful. Never had I tried writing a business plan, working out the financials and planning the marketing strategy before starting my businesses in the past which was pretty crucial to the success of a business.

I was pretty amazed by the way that the lesson for this module was conducted as we were expected to really come up with a business idea and to materialize it. It was no longer all words and no action. Through the execution of the business right from the conceptualization of idea to coming up with the business plan and starting business proper, I’ve had a very in depth understanding of the workings of a business which I feel was a very enriching experience.

There were also guest speakers who were invited to share with us their learning experience which I feel was priceless. The knowledge they impacted based on their past experience in terms of pitfalls to avoid in businesses and important factors to take note of when managing a business.

All in all, even though the work load was heavy for this module, the lessons and experiences that I brought away from this module was truly amazing. A class to be attended by one and all.

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